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"PTC Tip of the Month" Index

Contents usually include PTC Tip of the Month, PTC Reaction of the Month and PT Catalyst of the Month
* = most valuable "tips"

October 2002  Phase-transfer catalysts for screening

November 2002  Hydration; Chloromethylation

December 2002 Chiral PTC Recovery; Chiral PTC C-alkylation

January 2003 PTC Supplier Directory; PTC hydrogenation

February 2003  Save Borohydride Cost Using PTC; Chiral Borohydride Reduction & Collaboration Opportunity

March 2003  Hydroxide: Base or Nucleophile

April 2003  *Using DMSO, DMF, NMP, DMAC?

May 2003  Catalyst Separation; Dehydrofluorination

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June 2003  PTC Books; Phosgene reaction in the presence of water

July 2003  Tetraoctyl Ammonium Bromide; Creative Purification of a Raw Material Using PTC

August 2003  Extremely short PTC reactions using microwave; C-Alkylation of low acidity C-H groups

September 2003  *Guideline for using water-sensitive reactants with PTC; Reaction of methanesulfonyl chloride, methyl tributyl ammonium chloride

October 2003   Recycling TBAB; Nucleophilic Aromatic Etherification, Polyethylene glycol dimethyl ether

November 2003   TBAHSO4 dramatic price decrease; Selective Etherification

December 2003   *Generics and PTC: A Perfect Fit & Strategic Opportunity; Answer to Etherification Challenge from October

January 2004   When to Use PTC For Route Selection; Selective Deprotection of Alcohols Using PTC

February 2004   PTC Retrofit is usually capital-free; epoxidation of terminal alkene

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Phase-Transfer Catalysis: A Grossly Underutilized Strategic Solution to China/India/Emerging Market Competition

March 2004   *Your First Experiment When Screening a New PTC Application; Dehydration

April 2004   High-Performance PTC Applications for Licensing: Esterification to form sensitive formate ester (99.9% selectivity @ 99.95% conversion), Etherification to ether-ester (99.9% selectivity @ 99.99% conversion), Sulfonylation of electron deficient anilines (99% selectivity @ 96% conversion), Epoxidation of mono, di and trisubstituted alkenes (99% selectivity @ 86% conversion), Etherification using epichlorohydrin to form glycidyl ether (98% selectivity @ 80% conversion), Chloromethylation (88% selectivity to mono @ 96% conversion of mesitylene; 91% selectivity to bis @ 99% conversion of mesitylene), Transesterification - equilibrium process (88% trigylceride conversion reached at 100oC after 7 hrs vs 0% without PTC)

May 2004
"Immediate" Expert Pre-Screening of PTC Applications; Double Nucleophilic Aromatic Substitution

June 2004
*Crucial Practical Difference Between "Phase-Transfer Catalyst" and "Cationic Surfactant"; Oxidation of Sulfide to Sulfone

July 2004   q-value and C# for Catalyst Structure-Activity; Secondary Alcohols to Secondary Alkyl Chlorides

August 2004   Fluorous-tagged chiral phase-transfer catalyst; Michael addition to perfluoropropene; 18-crown-6

September 2004   Why companies miss PTC opportunities; PTC/NaOH Alternative to Potassium t-Butylate; Imidazolium Ionic Liquids

October 2004   Avoid overdrying PTC reactions; Phenol O-acylation using acid chloride; diethylene glycol dimethyl ether

November 2004   *Choosing leaving group for PTC reactions; Selective etherification; tetraethyl ammonium bromide

December 2004   Supercritical Fluids and PTC; Asymmetric C-Alkylation; benzyl tributyl ammonium chloride

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* = most valuable "tips"

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Before performing any PTC reactions read this important message
Organic chemical reactions are inherently dangerous. Moreover, phase-transfer catalysis may provide rate and other enhancements which can intensify associated hazards. Under no circumstances should anyone perform any procedure on any scale based in whole or in part on any of the contents of this information provided here before thoroughly establishing safe operating procedures and performing a full and competent hazardous operations analysis with the participation of qualified technical personal trained in chemical, engineering, safety, industrial hygiene and environmental disciplines and sciences.


Breakthrough Process Development Using PTC
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