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PTC Organics recommends using one of the following 3 PT catalysts for screening new PTC applications: tetrabutyl ammonium hydrogen sulfate, tetrabutyl ammonium bromide or methyl tricaprylyl ammonium chloride. These catalysts very often work when PTC works and are good for screening  to quickly maximize the probability of determining whether or not PTC is appropriate for your application. The expensive hydrogen sulfate is particularly effective for screening because it allows bases, nucleophilic anions, oxidants and reductants to be extracted easily. Related Tip: PTC Organics rarely uses triethyl benzyl ammonium chloride (TEBA) for screening because [1] TEBA is usually a poor catalyst for "Intrinsic Reaction Rate Limited Reactions" that can mislead into thinking PTC doesn't work and [2] TEBA decomposes faster than most "quats" by both Hofmann decomposition and by nucleophilic substitution, forming undesired benzylated impurities. In fact, if you are using TEBA for a commercial application, you may want to verify that benzylated impurities are not present in your product (unless it doesn't matter).

The choice of phase-transfer catalyst for actual commercialization is obviously more complex than choosing one of the top 3 catalysts. To learn more about the 10 criteria for choosing a phase-transfer catalyst for a commercial application, call PTC Organics - Marc Halpern at +1 856-222-1146 or Contact PTC Organics.

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True Chemical Industry Story of the Month  
We heard this story during a recent customer visit. A plant in the US built a storage facility for significant quantities of sodium metal. The local authorities reportedly delayed issuing the Certificate of Occupancy for a few weeks because the company refused to install a sprinkler system!

If you have a True Chemical Industry Story you would like to share, please E-mail it to tip@phasetransfer.com or call PTC Organics - Marc Halpern at +1 856-222-1146 or Contact PTC Organics.

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FREE Download - Industrial PTC
Issue 16 of "Industrial Phase-Transfer Catalysis" (allow 2 min for downloading pdf file)
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Quiz of the Month
The choice of phase-transfer catalyst is very important but often not the most important process parameter for determining reactivity in PTC systems! Which parameter most often determines PTC reactivity more than catalyst structure?
a) agitation  b) solvent  c) concentration  d) interfacial tension  e) none of the above
The answer will be given next month. Can't wait? Call  PTC Organics - Marc Halpern at +1 856-222-1146 or Contact PTC Organics.

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