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PTC Process Consulting
Scope, Description & Logistics

PTC Process Consulting


The goal of PTC Process Consulting is to provide the customer with the highly specialized expertise of PTC Organics in industrial Phase-Transfer Catalysis to achieve high-performance PTC process screening utilizing the customerís development laboratory and personnel.

Initiating the Project

A project is initiated when the customer provides a "Project Description" under secrecy agreement. The Project Description is a rather simple form (86K pdf download) which includes drawings of the specific molecular structures of the product and reactants for a specific chemical reaction and a summary of the desired Performance Targets for the reaction. The customer optionally (preferably) attaches background information about the reaction and process constraints for the project.

PTC Process Consulting

After reviewing the Project Description, PTC Organics composes a written Design Report which includes the design of a resource-efficient experimental program to evaluate the PTC process option, highly specialized PTC techniques ("tricks") for the reaction, a critique of relevant PTC patents and literature, the rationale behind the recommendations and other ramifications relevant to meeting the Performance Targets for the project. From time to time during the execution of the experimental program by the customer, PTC Organics provides additional input for the design, redesign, rationale, analysis of results, ramifications and recommendations for the experimental programs. Communications can be by telephone, mail, fax, E-mail and/or face-to-face meetings (at PTC Organicsí office). Consulting does not include laboratory experiments performed by PTC Organics. PTC Process Consulting is performed on a project basis for a flat fee.

When to Consider PTC Process Consulting
  • Route selection
  • Early stage process development
  • Process improvement for existing production and/or scale up

PTC Consulting Subscriptions

Certain companies and departments are engaged in the screening of numerous process options for new processes (especially pharmaceutical process R&D departments). These departments recognize that Phase-Transfer Catalysis is likely to be valuable for many new projects in the screening stage. However, screening the PTC option for many projects utilizing internal R&D resources is prohibitive without the highly specialized expertise of PTC Organics. In response to customer demand, PTC Organics is offering PTC Consulting Subscriptions for multiple screening projects. Inquire by telephone at +1 856-222-1146.

PTC Consulting Subscriptions help assure that your company is not overlooking Phase-Transfer Catalysis technology at the particular moment when you determine which process is the one chosen going forward. Often, that key decision locks in the process.

Contact Dr. Marc Halpern at PTC Organics

tel: +1 856-222-1146      E-mail

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