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Put your PTC products in front of the decision makers who develop processes and manufacture organic chemicals using Phase-Transfer Catalysis!

PTC Communications, Inc. is launching the first-ever PTC Suppliers Directory on December 31, 2002. If you sell the following compounds, you cannot miss this opportunity to be listed in the PTC Supplier Directory.

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You are about to enter the PTC Supplier Directory DEMO. This demo is not available to the public and the full version of the directory will be available to the public on December 31, 2002. In order for your company to be listed as a PTC Supplier, you must subscribe by December 1, 2002. Subscription instructions are shown here. Note that the PTC supplier listings shown in the demo may not be correct (you must correct your listing) and PTC suppliers who do not subscribe will not be included in the working version to be launched on December 31, 2002. Please note that the demo version only contains listings for a few selected catalysts (TBAB, TEBA, TOMAC, TBAHS, MTBAC, BTMAC, DDDMAC, DB18-crown-6, TBPB, TPPB, PEG-500 DME and a chiral phase-transfer catalyst) and the supplier listings are incomplete (mostly based on public knowledge and your websites). The active version to be available to the public will contain ALL of the catalysts subscribed to by suppliers. 

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How can the PTC Supplier Directory be viewed by thousands of qualified PTC customers in such a small market?

The PTC Supplier Directory is a product of PTC Communications, Inc. which is the only marketing engine in the world dedicated to phase-transfer catalysis products. PTC Communications, Inc. has 1900 QUALIFIED phase-transfer catalysis customers in its proprietary PTC customer list, which was painstakingly compiled, one customer at-a-time, at 158 PTC seminars at industrial chemical sites, 28 2-day PTC courses, Informex tradeshow PTC booth leads, inquiries at the #1 PTC website and the new and highly successful "PTC Tip of the Month".

The PTC Supplier Directory will be advertised at the following venues:

The website, home of the PTC Supplier Directory, and its sister website are the top PTC websites displayed by the top search engines when searching for "phase transfer catalysis" or even just "phase transfer." Try this search RIGHT NOW to verifiy this statement (,,, The traffic at increases by hundreds of visitors per day in the days following the monthly E-mail "The PTC Tip of the Month" and after publication of the journal "Industrial Phase-Transfer Catalysis."

The PTC Supplier Directory is the most effective investment to promote your PTC products to the broadest target audience in the highly specialized narrow niche which is the PTC market. Subscription to the PTC Supplier Directory may be the key element in growing or protecting your PTC business. Subscribe now!

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