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Phase-Transfer Catalysts Supplied

ALIQUAT® 100 is tetrabutyl ammonium bromide

ALIQUAT® 336 is methyl tricaprylyl ammonium chloride

ALIQUAT® 175 is methyl tributyl ammonium chloride

ALIQUAT® HTA1 is a unique high temperature and caustic resistant phase transfer catalyst

Why should you buy BASF's Phase-Transfer Catalysis Products?

BASF has been supplying Aliquat (R) quaternary ammonium salts products since the 1940's and were cited by name in the first publication in which the term "Phase-Transfer Catalysis" was invented. BASF is basic in raw materials used in quat manufacture and BASF offers standard & specialty PTC's from lab to rail car. BASF has dedicated sales offices in > 20 countries.

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